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Thursday, December 4, 2008

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Monday, December 1, 2008

What Brings the Cash in Internet Business....

There is One Important Factor or Force that all Business Today needs, Without it No Business on earth can succeed. Every Efforts done in establishing a Business, Company, Schools or whatever product or services will be useless if One don't have this One important thing. Without it you are just a busy Guy instead of a business person.

So whats this all important thing... ?
Traffic Traffic Traffic
Yeah Traffic is the only thing that can guarantee a successful business. Traffic brings in customers, Clients, partnership and Incomes.
A well established Company with great products and services will not generate incomes without traffics, they have great products but no buyers, if no one goes there to request for their services they will only end up liquidating. Same with a well founded school with all standard educational facilities without pupils or student will not make any meaning and so is it with every other business.

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business and One can make loads of money from it, and to make money in affiliate marketing you need a product either your own product or another persons product you can promote as an affiliate.

If you have a Wonderful product that can sell itself with good sales page, but without traffic you won't make a dime, so traffic is very important.
Traffic in affiliate marketing simply means large number of people who visits a product page either through your link as a result of a marketing campaign you did. this people or visitors are traffics you are sending to the page.
So lets say
You join an affiliate program and gets your link to promote its products and start advertising it online as people looking for information relating to the products finds your link and clicks it you are already sending some traffic to the page and these traffics can lead to a sale which will earn you a commission.

So commissions comes as you keep generating sales from the traffic you keep sending to the merchants product or site.

In my next post i will be discussing on various ways we can start sending traffic to a product page or website.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting Started With Affiliate Business

Affiliate marketing like i have always say is a good if not the best way to make money online, as it does not require much to start up and you can start up even from scratch without breaking the bank or out of pocket money.
I have written some previous articles on this blog so if you still don't understand affiliate marketing then scroll down to read my previous explanatory posts on affiliate marketing.
Moving on from here we all know what affiliate marketing is all about and what types of affiliate programs or merchant is best for us to join and start earning good commissions, so now we are getting ready to start joining and getting all our tools ready to start promoting.

So now here are the next steps ...
=> After finding the write affiliate programs that meets the criteria discussed here then sign up with them for free and remember you are not required to pay to become an affiliate so join and complete your details and payment information.

=> After joining make sure to login and start getting familiar with all the features of your affiliate page like
Stats : This is where you see all your activity reports like commissions earned,no of clicks that came to the product site from you,payment history and some others
Marketing Tools : This is where you get all the promotion or marketing materials you can use to start promoting the product.
Forum : Some affiliate merchant or programs have forums where Affiliates can hang out and discuss about their experiences, success stories, problems and challenges and Affiliate to Affiliate support where affiliates gets helps on how to get started. so if you are a member of a network that has a forum then make it a duty to always check out the forum.

There are other features you will see on the page so the next thing to do is to plan Your marketing strategies, you will see available marketing materials on the page like banners,email links, Text ads, review ads, blog ads, Ezine ads, Forums and Email signature ads and some provide keywords you can use for your pay per click promotions, If you need additional helps you can contact the affiliate manager and request for more promotional materials.

All this done now its time to start sending traffic to the merchant Site so expect my next post which will be talking on how to start promoting your links and getting good targeted traffics that will earn you good incomes.


Friday, November 21, 2008

What types of Affiliate Programs To Join

Affiliate Programs is a great way to earn an income online because its easy to Start and maintain, you are not required to own your own products or website or even a blog though they can help a lot, but there are some Affiliate programs that are not worth the time.

There are so many Affiliate programs one can join depending on Ones choosing niche market,but you need to know what benefits you will get from an Affiliate Network Or Programs before joining.So here are quick tips for you before joining an affiliate program.

=> Affiliate programs are completely free to join you should not pay to join any.
=> As an Affiliate you should earn a percentage of a sale you direct to the merchant if its a pay per sale programs Most affiliate programs pays between 5% to 100% per sale, i have been promoting a program i earn 100% of sales and that's really good.

=> You should concentrate on promoting Affiliate products that pays at least 25% to 100% per sale you refer cause anything less than that might make you fall short in getting returns on your advertising spending. But i recommend you join the ones that pays from 50% and above.

=> Before promoting a product make sure the product have a good conversion rate that is it has an effectively designed website and a attractive sales letter that can convince people to get the product or service so you don't lose out.

=> Its important that you make research and find people who are already promoting for the affiliate merchant and read what they think about it,if they are satisfied and if they are getting successful with it. You can do this by searching on Google or asking a question on forums about the merchant.

=> If you are getting satisfied about an Affiliate Merchant and joined it the first thing to do is to Check out the Marketing tools available for is the duty of the merchant or network to provide marketing tools for its affiliates so make sure that's available for you.

=> Lastly make sure the merchant has a strong customer and affiliate support service.

So i hope you appreciate this Article please i will appreciate some comments and please subscribe to get updates from my blogs on the form on this blog.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tips For Starting an Affiliate Marketing

Before Choosing an affiliate program to promote, several things needs to be considered and done so one can achieve good success from it. Because we all want to make money with these and no one will want to do things that won't bring profits or waste time in promoting products and not getting good results from it.These information and guidelines needs to be followed before setting out to choose an affiliate program to promote products.

=> The First thing to do is to first determine what niche you have good interest in and if you have a website or a blog what are they all about. knowing this will lead you to determining the affiliate programs that will be best for you. You should make good research on affiliate programs that are relevant to the content of your website or blogs. cause you don't promote a product that deals with music while your site is all about agricultural services because people coming to your site are looking for agricultural related products and services so take time to harness this and suit your site or blog with the right affiliate program's product for a good chance of success in affiliate marketing or business.

=> The next step to take after considering the right affiliate programs niche to center on is to review most affiliate programs related to your chosen niche. There are various affiliate programs related to each niche so the best option would be to make proper research through search engines or forums to know the best programs people are recommending, see what other affiliates are saying about them,also check the records of the affiliate programs,their payment plans and payment methods, see if they have a good support center that can assist you anytime, also see if they have good marketing tools and guilds to aid advertising.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Earnings Method involve in Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing Or Business is all about making Money, And there are many ways that this is done. Many affiliate programs will pay you on either these three ways. Pay per click , or Pay per lead or pay per sale. These Three (3) Earning Methods will be briefly explained below.

Pay Per Click : Some Affiliate Merchants like Universal marketing media will pay you on a pay per click basic or combined with pay per sale method, . When you choose to promote these affiliate programs service or site you will get paid for all unique traffic or visitors you send to their sites even if the visitor did not purchase anything you still get paid. The Earnings will range from some few cents to a few dollars.

Pay Per Lead : These Affiliate Commission Method pays you to refer visitors to their site and sign up or just fill a little form either a form that will require their name and email address or that might require more details to fill. Here Visitors you send don't need to buy anything before you earn commissions they only need to fill the forms and you earn money for that.

Pay Per Sale : The Pay Per Sale Commission method is by far the best and most rewarding aspect of affiliate marketing. Affiliate merchants or managers will pay you a percentage of any purchase the visitors you send to them makes from their site. Some merchants pays from 5% to 100 % commissions of sales from your traffics or visitors that's why pay per sale is the best way to go in affiliate marketing.

Multi tier affiliate Earnings : Some affiliate Merchants or managers will also Pay you to refer other affiliates to their site and you earn some percentage from sales made by affiliates you refer to them. These are called Multi tier affiliate programs.

Residual Income : I just wanted to add this because this is another great way to earn good money with affiliate marketing, With residual affiliate income you can earn commissions over and over again. if you promote a product that has a paid membership or monthly subscription you can earn commissions when the visitors you sent to the site keeps renewing their membership or subscription.This is common with web hosting affiliate programs.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Quick Start To Affiliate Marketing Business

The Most Profitable Home Business I can advice anyone to start is Affiliate Business. Affiliate Business or Affiliate Marketing is all about Affiliating or promoting company's products and services and earning good commissions on every sale or traffic you send to them. Some Merchants or Affiliate Companies Pays per lead you send Them, or Per click, or per sale you send to them.

There are many Affiliate Networks and Programs offering Affiliate programs for any one to join and generate incomes. Companies like Amazon , Ebay , Clickbank, Commission junction, Paydotcom, Linkshare, Shareasale, Advertising, Primary Ads, Offer Web, Performics, 5 Star Affiliate Programs and lots of Other Sites.

I will be updating these Blog With Various affiliate programs you can join and start generating commissions with them and also i will give some marketing tips you can use to drive traffics to your affiliate links.